KnoGno has research projects in a diverse range of fields including:


KnoGno in collaboration with Rodell Design, an industrial designer based in the Lake District, have designed and built a new laptop case called BELO.

When you slip your laptop out of the case it assumes a wedge, giving you a comfortable, inclined typing surface. It also conforms to the shape of your body so that you can use it comfortably on your lap.

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semantic search

KnoGno aims to turn the concept of internet search on its head with a novel method of looking for things on the web.

websumer democratisation & disintermediated markets

KnoGno wishes to continue and optimise the empowerment of consumers through the integration of data, particularly in areas currently untouched, by reducing the risk of customers to asymmetric information and therefore adverse selection. KnoGno aims to reduce costs by promoting the disintermediation of new electronic markets. KnoGno also intends to develop novel mechanisms to facilitate the use and security of online markets.

mapping, travel & transport

KnoGno intends to revolutionise cartography on the internet and implement substantial improvements to transport organisation and utilisation.

ways of working and living

KnoGno wants to help reduce the hassle of managing electronic life-data.